Just Another Mixed Samoan Guy
yoooo so if you don't like my blog why you looking nigga? feel me? ight, soooo, to my amazing followers, feel free to ask me anything anytime :p
kik me SamoaBoi. soooooooooo yeah I love you guys and enjoy :)
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Emojis say what words cant.

Amber rose…..

Will you marry me? Pretty please, we can take the little guy on trips and dress him up in cute outfits….I’m talking about wiz btw

Officially single again…..

One day maybe I can not be a fuck up. I had to tell her the truth. I owed her that much.


Can I have this please? 

I would literally do anything for this…and I’m not even kidding

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But I will fuck the shit out of you (via ora-le)

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I’m shy
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